вторник, 24 августа 2010 г.

Infester - Specific Procedures For Post-Mortem Examinations: Autopsy Findings

01 - Iscogenic Urrosclerodoital Stalk Deficiency In Abnormal Embryopathia (Immunoproliferative Hepatosplenic Stygmapedomorphia)
02 - Dystrophic Malformative Polyendocrinopathy-Candidiasis-Ectodermal Cadaverosum
03 - Specific Procedures For Post-Mortem Examinations: Autopsy Findings
04 - Infiltration Of The Bronchial Wall (Malignant Serosangieous Bronchioloalveolar Pleural Effusions Metastasizing To Distant Organs)
05 - Appearance Of Malignant Type III Canceroma Abdominal Tumours Constituted By Prolonged Fecaloma
06 - Sub-Acute Secondary Annular Ventebral Haemorrhage Opening To Subdural Ligaments Via Anatomical Frustration
07 - Deranged Medicolegal Experimentation On Gruesome Anatomical Atrocities (Herbert West Re-Animator)
08 - Corporal Disposal Methodology (General Guildlines And Protocol On Cadaver Handing After Surgical Expiration)
09 - Corpse Bloatation Concept Due To An Overexposure To Methane - The Coroner's Delight
10 - "You'll Have Plenty Of Time To Rest When You're Dead..... Or Not....."

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